About Brandon


This is me, adorable, I know.

This is me, adorable, I know.

My name is Brandon Orr, a senior Public Relations major at Murray State University with minors in both Marketing and Chemistry. I have always had a gift for the sciences, but my passion lies in the arts. I play French horn and mellophone in several performing groups around campus, and perform in Fusion Winterguard. As a proud brother of Alpha Kappa Psi, I enjoy meeting new people. I live and work in Small Town, USA – Murray, KY – but dream of big cityscapes. I enjoy traveling to the east coast, the west coast and anywhere in between.

I look forward to pursuing a career in the communications field. The capabilities of social media leave me in awe. I currently serve on the editorial board of The Murray State News as advertising manager. I also have experience in every aspect of sales, from sales prospecting to personal selling. Public relations and reputation management, when done correctly, have the ability to push any business to new heights and I plan to do just that.


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