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Marketers should all think about innovation the same way R&D does and the same way Silicon Valley thinks about it. Accepting failure, demonstrating patience, tolerance for risk and unrivaled persistence.

Wikipedia is like a wonderful piece of furniture that comes with a big piece of paper “some assembly required.” You know, the one. It comes with instructions 20 pages long that are written in some strange form of English. To many, Wikipedia is a hostile place. Your Wikis were rejected, the community accused you of things you don’t understand, you don’t appreciate what they’re saying about you.

It’s because you didn’t follow the instructions. Really? Aren’t we lucky the Wikipedia community has created so   many   instructions. Mountains and mountains and mountains of instructions. What? You haven’t read them?

Wikipedia has been rated as the most influential website on the planet, beating out Twitter. Yup, Wikipedia is…

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