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Lace, Roses and IPOs

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and his bride Priscilla Chan on their wedding day.

One of the wealthiest young men in America, Mark Zuckerberg, finally tied the knot. On May 19, Zuckerberg took Priscilla Chan as his lawfully wedded wife.

The couple met back during their time spent at Harvard and dated off and on for the next nine years. Chan required that they spend 100 minutes a week together, a date night, and an annual two-week vacation. Zuckerberg and Chan finally married in the backyard of their $7 million estate in Palo Alto, Calif.

Behind Chan’s $4,700 Claire Pettibone dress and the sushi and mexican dinner served to only 100 guests, what does it mean?

Some speculate that the wedding is just another milestone in Zuckerberg’s life with no real connection to Facebook. Others argue another story.

The timing of Zuckerberg’s nuptials (May 19) and the Facebook’s IPO (May 18) may have been trying to show investors one thing. Facebook is finally growing up. With it shaky beginning’s in Zuckerberg’s Harvard dorm room, it has now grown to an essential tool in communication with 845 million users worldwide.

Zuckerberg has had to fight in and out court to push his company forward. He had to do some major public relations work after the release of The Social Network He battled thousands of unhappy users with privacy laws.

According to NY Times, Zuckerberg plans to stay as the chief executive for the long haul. He has officially turned in his trademark hoodie for a suit and tie. Interviews with mentors, enemies and friends have foreshadow what is most likely and hopefully will be a successful feature.

Even though I am sure his marriage is full of love, as well as the tradition of lace and roses, paired with the IPO, maybe our own Mark Zuckerberg is finally maturing and this was the last step so we can finally trust him.

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Gaga’s Monsters Go Virtual

A screenshot from the pop icon’s online community, Little Monsters.

With the growth of social movements all across the nation, e.g. KONY 2012 and TOMS, pop phenomenon Lady Gaga has been the first musical artist to take her social movement to the virtual world.

Little Monsters is an online community bringing together all of her fan base, or “Little Monsters”, into one social media site. It resembles some features that are currently found on popular picture sharing website Pinterest and content sharing community Reddit. On this virtual playground, users can share photos, pin locations, start conversations and vote posts up or down.

There are unique features that Gaga has made available for her monsters to use. The chat feature has a built-in translator that allows users across the world to chat without a language barrier. A calendar is available for each monster to keep up the latest Gaga related events. The site welcomes each member, invite-only currently, and prompts each monster to tell their story with what else? Gaga-themed questions.

Little Monsters community is design to act as a safe haven for those who feel they can not be themselves for a number of reason, homosexual, weight issues, etc. It’s a place where each can share there story without fear of prejudice.

The pop icon only asks her monsters to consider eight simple things when participating in this online community: be brave, be kind, be tolerant, be original, be a contributor, be safe, be respectful and most importunely be yourself.

“Be brave, be kind, be tolerant, be original, be a contributor, be safe, be respectful and be yourself.”

Little Monsters was designed by a firm based out of Palo Alto, Cali., known Backplane.

“The goal of Little Monsters and Backplane is to unite people around affinities, interest and movements,” said co-founder and CEO Matt Michelson.

Michelson hopes that his team can generate more of these smaller niche online communities that work in tandem with sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Now on the idea of Little Monsters rivaling someone of the larger social media giants is still up in the air. According to Jessica Van Sack of The Boston Herald, the site still has less than 100,000 users and still in its beta testing. It is predicted to go live later on this year. Depending on how the next months go, we may have a player on our hands.

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