Where’s the news about Facebook’s IPO?

Zuckerberg’s Facebook will soon be available for trade on NYSE under the ticker symbol FB.

According to The Huffington Post, Facebook applied to its IPO on Feb. 1, but where is the news on all this? This is a major change to one of the most influential and powerful sites on the web.

Over the past eight years that Facebook has been in business, we have slowly given up personal information and a day-to-play of our lives. Facebook has gathered countless terabytes of information of its 875 million users and has always been prudent of privacy changes. Most privacy changes with the social networking site make headlines nationwide, but not this one.

As a student, planning on building a future in social media, I have heard very little about Mark Zuckerberg’s decision to make his company a publicly traded company. Am I only one that is concerned that more people will be involved in the decisions made about my personal information?

The company will most likely not be publicly traded for the next couple of months, but as that day approaches, I hope more information about this social media intentions become available.

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